Years ago I was getting my hair braided (sharuba) it was not easy to sit quietly while the change happened. Than I went back to my hair getting cut which was unusual in Ethiopia.

Braids in Ethiopia
More braids.
Short hair not as complicated as keeping my hair in extensions.

Than recently my hair was getting long from being in the quarantine era. Than it got cut well more like shaved. I had to start over from scratch.

Where did my hair go?


Now it got it recolored and feel like myself again. My hair is growing back and I feel much better. Decided to let it grow more so I can get it balanced haircut wise. I have one last photo to show how much I have changed in eight years.

Getting ready to visit my mom in Washington. This was taken in 2013. Yes that same 2013 when I decided to change my life.

Have any of my posts inspired you to do something in your life? I have a spots for that. Your testimony might be a help to someone else. You can either message it to me or leave it in the comment and I will make sure that it gets to the right place to share with others.

You never know it might be the starting point for other people. I have added more contact information on my Facebook Page. Just click on the widget and it will take you directly there.


Until next time have a wonderful week/weekend and see you on the web.

brown book page
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Donate towards my dream.

Hello my name is Molly. You might know me as Sara Gamachu. I have dreamed about one day to write my story and inspire others. Well, I have taken a few months up to just live life and dream about the story I would narrate about my life. Learning to cook meals, work a job that I enjoy, and of course, the joys of choices I have made to take care of myself. Like I said, this a dream that will become a reality. Sara Gamachu


I started moving photos I backed up to my media so I can share photos of Ethiopia.

While I was there I wanted to remember as much as I could. I realized photos are the best way to jog my memory.

My goal is to post at least once or twice a week. Even if it is a picture or two. It is not easy, yet I am working on getting out of my comfort zone.

For as long as I can remember reading and writing were my favorite things. Writing a report was something that I liked. Speaking out loud in front of the class wasn’t easy. I was incredibly shy, yet if it was a subject that I liked I pushed back the nerves and let my creativity do the speaking. It made up for my shyness.

Asking people to donate was like a that. I know that we are going through a difficult time in history. Yet my heart said to me give it a try Sara. You never know who might answer the call. So here goes nothing.

Creative butterflies soaring out of me.

If you want to donate here is the place to do it. Would you like to choose a topic for me to write about that is a great gift for someone? I remember my 7th-grade teacher being pleasantly surprised of my writing skills at a young age. We did creative writing based on a picture we picked. People really liked my work. Here I am 30 some years later giving it another try. I also have a group on my Facebook page that you can message or post any requests. I am very excited to roll up my sleeves and get to work on my creative writing skills.