I should be sleeping, but I am just not tired.  At least not quite yet.  I tell people that its the adrenaline from trying to get my son to turn in for the night.  I have this feeling that he is going to be like me and have a hard time falling asleep.  I think I remember my mom telling me that I used to have a similar problem.  Well at least he sleeps through the night.  When he was born (not that long ago) he would have a difficult time sleeping through the night.  Than again during that time my memory is kind of fuzzy.  Yes I, Molly, am a new mother.  My little boy is turned 4 months old last week.  I am the kind of mom who is excited about every little achievement.  Yes that was me who was getting overly excited about her son rolling half way.  Okay so I was thinking it was a full roll, but he seems to know how to turn around while he is doing a half roll (if that makes sense).

I was just realizing that today is the last day of January.  Wow has this month gone by fast or what?  I mean it feels like it was just the first of the month.  This year I decided that I will not make any resolutions. I would just be thankful for what I have and just keep going step by step to each new goal in my life.  Weather it was eating healthy or being organized (to things that I am always working on).

Well I think I am finally getting drowsy.

Good night everyone until tomorrow/today.