Well its been quite a day. I was finally able to get my computer working again. The last few months my computer was acting funny and not letting me use some of my favorite programs. I am so glad to have a brother who knows a lot about computers. After a few visits he was able to diagnose the problem and fix it. Now its like I have a fresh new start with my computer. I actually feel renewed. That is a wonderful feeling. I am listening to a Beth Moore CD that I had saved from the earlier system. Its become quite relaxing. I am looking forward to working on-line again. I am taking things one step at a time. Perhaps I need a Internet break (yes that’s what I said). Some people (I won’t name names) think I could use an Internet fast. Well I guess unless my memory bank kicks in drive that is exactly what is going to happen. Well I plan on writing and then posting things as soon as I am able to get on-line again.

I had a pretty memorable Valentines Day. I found out that my son was approaching another milestone. His first tooth was coming in. My oh my was that a thrilling thought. I had known that it was going to happen eventually. I had seen the signs early. We had visited my parents for the weekend and my mom’s friend had come over to visit us. She was playing with him and looking for new things that he could do since the last time she had seen him. She was the one who made the discovery. He was enjoying the chance to gum her fingers. I wasn’t really surprised with the news. I had known that it was coming. Yes the teething stage. My mother and I had discussed whether he was ready to try some rice cereal for the first time. I was a little nervous at the idea since I wasn’t sure if it was time. When I asked the doctor at my son’s last check up about the idea I was told that it wasn’t quite the time. Well after all this news I finally gave into the idea. That and my son eying us while we ate. It was as if he wanted to try. Well yesterday I went out on the mission to get my mom some teething toys for him. I was soon searching for rice cereal. I tell you it was quite an adventure. There were so many choices that blew my mind. Finally after getting some advice I chose one that had some extra supplements in it. After looking over the teething toys and various other baby gear I decided it was time to head home. I took a quick peek at the electronic department and then went along to the front of the store to pay for my items. I made myself head to the direction of home but got distracted by another electronic store. I told myself just a few minutes than I had to head on back. So I allowed myself a few minutes and then after deciding against buying anything I head back to the house to prepare for the new milestone. As I quickly rushed back up the hill in excitement I also looked forward to eating something. I had been so excited that I forgot to take the time to eat something at the mini mall. So with a lot of adrenaline I raced to the fridge and took out the leftover pizza that I had decided on eating. Two slices of pizza later I showed off my new goodies. My son sat and played with my dad while my mom and I looked over the things. We decided that later we would try the rice cereal.

Well to make a long story short my son loved his new treat. I made sure that I got pictures so I could show it off to my husband. I am not sure who was more excited my son or I. All I know is that I was glad that it was a success. Now I have something to brag about.


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