So I found out last night that as hard as it was to get back on line that I still need another part. Thankfully my brother can come out on Tuesday to fix it. So my fast will continue a few more days. Okay I am going through some withdrawals. I mean being on line kept me updated on things. Without it I feel very lost. I found 4 new movies and 2 boxes of candies waiting for me in the kitchen. Talk about happiness. Plus they were movies that I really wanted to see. My husband knows me so well. I did my first workout on the PS3 Active Fit yesterday. It wasn’t so bad. The crunches really kicked my butt though. Now I know which ones I need to work on the most on my own time. My goal is to be physically fit for the new year. Okay so the 2011 started last month, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start now. Besides if I want to be learning how to drive I will need all the muscle power to prove to my dad that I can do it. Well I am going to take a break and sleep a bit. I’ll try to write more later on.