Hi.  My name is Mahlet… but my friends and family call me Molly for short.  I am a young woman who recently moved to the South to start a new life with my husband and son.  In a couple of days it will be officially a month since I began this journey.  See I grew up in Western Washington in the Pacific Northwest.  My mother, father, and I moved there when I was very young.  So all I pretty much know is the Seattle area.  Even though I was born in Eastern Africa I pretty much called Washington home.

I have always enjoyed reading books.  That was one of my favorite activities when I was a child.  As I got older I began to write things.  It started small like journal entries and then gradually turned into poetry/creative writing/short stories.  My mom always praised me for my writing.  It became my way of expressing myself.  I would write things out when I was sad or upset.  One time I even wrote a note about my discouragement of math to my math tutor.  She didn’t really get it.  I am pretty sure I have lots of old journals from junior high and high school somewhere at my parents home.  My mom always said that she was going to save it for when I became a famous writer.  If I wasn’t doing something creative (reading or writing) I was watching something or listening to music.  I also admit I enjoy singing.  I haven’t sung in a while… but that doesn’t stop me from singing along to the radio or an online playlist.

So that pretty much is me.  I hope that readers will enjoy reading my blog.  Perhaps I might help someone.  I know that my life has changed by something I may have read.  Let me know what you think.