Washington State Ferry Tacoma on Elliott Bay.
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Well its a couple weeks into the New Year.  I have written a little in my journals.  I wasn’t sure what exactly to write on here.  I had a few entries I started that keep staring at me to finish them.  I told myself I will as soon as I got a spare moment.  My son and I came to the NW to visit my family.  If you have watched the news you will know that Washington State has been snowed in.  I can state without a doubt that is true.  The snow has come off and on for the last hour or so.  Its beautiful though.  I haven’t seen so much of it in so long.  I am looking forward to the day when my son will just beg me to go out and enjoy it.  So far when I show him the snow he just smiles and laughs.  Well at least its a start. 🙂

A few weeks ago I enjoyed a kid-free afternoon with some friends.  As I was on the ferry I had realized how odd it felt without my son.  My family had a great time babysitting him.  As I was taking the ferry home my mom called me so my son could hear my voice.  According to her he quivered with excitement.  He had a great time with them… but just missed his mom.  I didn’t care if I looked strange to others as I talked to him.  I felt that I gave him that assurance that yes mommy was coming back.

I have even thought about changing the name of my blog.  I thought that A Mother‘s Journey through Life was too general.  I mean there is more to my writing than just my journey through motherhood.  What do you reader’s think?  I would love your opinion.  Well I need to end this entry for now.  My son just woke up from his nap.  I will write more.  Continue posting comments.  I will respond as soon as I can.