First week of March.

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It is the first day of March and I haven’t written in several weeks.  The good news is that my coughing attacks have calmed down.  I can talk without coughing between each word.  Yay!  Now these days I am working on my eating.  I am not quite sure what is going on with my body, but whatever it is my body is pretty much rejecting most foods that I consume.  I tell you it’s not fun when I am not able to eat food.  Well I eat it… now keeping it down or inside is the problem.

My son and I are back home.  We had a great time visiting my family.  I was so glad to watch my son interact with my parents and my brother.  The best part was when I wasn’t feeling well there was someone to keep an eye on him.  The saying “It takes a village to raise a child” pretty much summed that up.  When this momma wasn’t feeling well and hadn’t been able to sleep because of coughing so hard.  I was glad to know my son was in good hands.  Plus he was able to have a lot of fun with his Grandpa (Akaka in Oromo).  A few times I thought I caught him speaking in my native tongue.  He knew every time when my dad was coming home from work.  He would run to the door and greet my dad.  He also had a great time with my mom (Akko in Oromo).  She would give him short rides on her electric chair.  He would run up to her and want to be held.  It was so cute.  When I was gone to a doctor’s appointment he was able to have some guy time with my brother.  From what I understand they spent a lot of time watching a local classical television station.  I loved watching him get up and dance around when a the transitional music came on.  he would float around like a little cloud.  Than when the music got loud he would stomp his feet.  It was amazing!  My little guy had rhythm and soul in him.  Plus while we were there I added some new stations on my Pandora Radio.  I was so glad to see they had a lullaby station and a toddler station.

Since we got back home I got to finally hear the siren that they tested for tornado warning.  This whole time I had no idea what it sounded like.  it turned out it sounded like a very loud vacuum cleaner.  I actually thought the neighbor was vacuuming so I went out to see if it was still going on.  Well the sound was still going on.  So I asked a few people if they knew if it was a test.  Thankfully it was.  I soon came to realize that this was the beginning of the testing season.  At least now I know what to do and what it sounded like.

Finally I want to end with many thanks and gratitude to all my new readers, followers, and everyone who have commented on my blog.  I am so thankful to you all.  Each time I read your comment it brought great joy to me.  I will try to write an entry dedicated to you all and answer as many questions as I can.  Oh and as per a suggestion I am now on Twitter:  I am hoping to keep up with the times.  So with that I welcome March and all its new beginnings!


  1. Its wonderful as your other posts : D, appreciate it for putting up. “If Christ were here now there is one thing he would not be–a christian.” by Mark Twain.


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