Molly come lately.

My evening cuppa.
My evening cuppa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So its been a while since I wrote. I have been reading all of your comments and trying to put them on the blog. I have been working on getting my body back in tune. I have been having a difficult time keeping food down. I got a chance to go to a doctor and they did a blood test. The good news is that my anemia is normal, my blood sugar was a little high for that day, and my thyroid was okay.  Well that was good news.  The big issue was why haven’t I been able to eat food and basically keep it in me.  I have been having terrible nausea and bowel movements.  I have been learning how to eat food again.  One of the biggest adjustments was having to make sure the food was gluten free.  I actually have stared eating more organic foods.  My mom discovered that there are Organic Hot Chocolate.  I was so glad because when I needed that sugar fix that was one of the things I went for.  My husband went above and beyond finding me Popsicle and Chocolate Chip cookies that were gluten free.  Those were amazing.  The cookies taste so good.  Even my son seems to  be interested in what’s going on.  He eyes the snacks and gives me this look like “Come on mom just a little bite.”


I want everyone to know that I have been reading your comments and trying to get as many up as I can.  All your words of positivity makes my day so much brighter.  I am glad that I have been able to touch so many of you.  Thank you so very much!

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