Silverware (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sonic Drive-thru
Sonic Drive-thru (Photo credit: Senor Velasco)


These are both local for all my NW and Southern readers/friends.


Sonic Drive Thru
They have the best drinks and snacks. The nice thing is it is almost everywhere in the country. So that is a plus.


Furrs Buffet
This place has so many types of foods you can choose from. I really like it when we go there.


Taco Bell
Great Mexican food at good prices. Also can be found just about everywhere.


Dairy Queen
I grew up going here for burgers and deserts. I remember going here for my banana split fix a few summers ago.


Basken Robbins
Technically this is a desert place, but when you want some yummy icecream or sherberts this is one place that usually has it.


For my NW people this is where its at for delicious seafood. It is most known for its clam chowder and fish and chips. My best friend and I used to meet here whenever she was in town. My last meal in Washington was actually from here. I was so glad she told me about them being in the airport.






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