I haven’t written a lot in the past because I wasn’t sure if I was ready to do this.  I used to blog and journal a lot.  Than I was afraid of being  judged by my words.  Well I think it is time to start writing again.  It is not really for anyone specific.  It is just me letting go a lot of feelings and words in my soul.  See I lived in a very dark world.  I was always afraid of everything.  Afraid I wasn’t good enough.  Wasn’t able to just be me.  It took me a few months of therapy and a wonderful support group to be able to find my voice again.  You see I was verbally and emotionally abused.  There I said it out loud.  I don’t know if this will be ever traced back to me, but I have the right to say how I feel.  I used to journal so much and writing was the way I expressed myself.  I just was not able to actually say what I felt.  I was constantly judged.  By myself and others.  I know that I should check my grammar and spelling while I write things online, but just this once I am going to ignore that tip.  See I am writing with what is in my soul and mind.  I feel inspired to just let it all out without being afraid.  So forgive me if the thoughts are in run on sentences or such.  I do care about spelling though.  That is one thing that I can not ignore.  That plus my computer lets me know when I spelled something wrong so of course I stop what I am doing just to make sure I spelled it right.