My job…

Handy Manny
Handy Manny (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have had many jobs in the past.  I have been a fast food crew member, a Customer Service Assistant,a tutor in the elementary school, an assistant teacher in a daycare,  I have even worked as an office assistant (Customer Service Representative was one of my titles), and I have become a stay at mother.  I think of all the jobs that I have had in the past being a mom is one of the best.  Knowing my son loves and appreciates ,me each day makes all the hard work worth it.  His hugs and kisses are worth the hundreds of dollars I used to earn in a regular days work.

Being a stay at home parent can be the hardest job ever.  You need to be able to keep a clean and safe home environment.  I thought doing laundry was one of the hardest things.  I had to keep clothes clean for 3 people.  I made sure my son had everything he needed to make him feel comfortable and safe.  I took him for walks around the block.  He loved his trike/stroller that he got for his first birthday.  He would grin when I told him it was time to go for a ride.  We used that as our exercise time.  We would get fresh air and a chance outdoors.  When we got back I would fix him something to eat and drink.  Our recreation time was watching Little Bill or Dora the Explorer.  I was lucky that he enjoyed watching the little things.  We would dance and sing to the Wiggles and once in a while I would put on a CD or radio station that I could find that gave us a little variety.  It was during his nap time that I was able to relax and do some creative planning.  All of the jobs I had in the past trained me to become the great mother that I am.  Changing diapers with one hand and putting together a daily outfit with the other hand.  Making a meal that not only tasted good, but looked amazing.  Renting a movie that I knew we both would love at the end of a busy work week.  I have learned the difference between Bob the Builder and Handy Manny.   Plus when you can chant along with Bob and his friends saying “Yes we can!” That makes a huge difference in any child’s life.

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