Before I was a Mother.

Before I was a mother I was someones daughter. I was a hard worker. I lifted tvs, recievers, and speakers galore. I was smart enough to keep a store full of customers directed to any room their home electronic dreams could become reality. I was someones go to girl who could answer a phone faster than any salesman. Yes before I was a mother I was an independent woman. I had the confidence to make sure each customer felt important. No matter what they looked like on the outside to me they were all the same. When you walked into the store on a rainy day and I always had a warm smile on my face to greet you. I made sure the bathrooms and breakrooms were well stocked. So customers and staff alike would feel important. At the end of my day I would ride home knowing I made a difference in someones life.

Remember that person who cleans off your table after you have dinner in a resturant. They are human too. I used to work as a crew staff at a fast food resturant. I cleaned off the tables so customers young and old had a good dining experience. I never asked someone how old they were so they could get their Senior Discount. I made sure the coffee maker was clean so the customers would have a fresh cup of java the next day. Dishes were clean and meat for sandwhiches were prepared before I ended my day.

Yes before I was a mother I was a hard worker. The difference between the Customer Service Assistant and Fast Food crew member…I was a mother during the last one. When I came home I would try to make sure my son had a snack waiting for him when he got home. I love my son and that is why I work hard to keep him comfortable and happy. Even at a young age.

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