Weekly Writing Challenge: Dear Abby

The Best Advice I was given be yourself.

I have always tried to impress everyone I meet. It began innocently with a jean jacket in 3rd grade…all the way to meeting my son’s father. I have tried so hard to be part of the “in group” only to realize the cliques ostrazied me even more. I finally did something for myself when I argued with my son’s father about having him sit in a booster seat instead of a carseat. I had done my research and realized my son was too small for a booster seat. So I asked him why did we change out the carseat. An innocent question was the begining of my standing up for myself. I even went as far as asking his mother to get the carseat replaced for my son. I finally gave up trying to go along with the crowd (in my case my in-laws). I remember the day my son and I left. I guess in my mind I wished he would wake up and realize that I was a person with my own mind. Sadly we went about the day as normal. He made pasta that he knew that I could eat. I sat at the couch with my son eating our lunch. His father left the house without saying a word. No kiss goodbye or have a good day. Oh wait he did say something…”Make sure the pasta is put away and the dishes are clean”. Then he went out the door and drove to his mom’s than to work. That Aug 28th I finally had enough and stood up for my son and I.