Porto Covo, west coast of Portugal.
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I am tired

I am tired of people saying they are your friends. Its something I hear over and over saying that they will catch up with you later. Every time I hear those words I believe them over and over. Until I wait and notice they haven’t come back when they say they would say. When you get to a point when you have to choose to believe them. Do I choose my heart that says that yes they are good friends, choose my head that says yes they have been their time after time, or my gut that says guess what time after time you believe them.

I am sick and tired of all the words that come out saying “I’ll be there.” I listen to music and try to forget the words said. Hoping someday I will come to the decision. I have tried to explain my feelings, but they go ignored.

What do you do when that final decision comes down and they say I was there when that happened.