Day 2 of NaBloPoMo: Laptops and visitations

I am so excited today.  This is my first blog entry from my new laptop!  Well my laptop was in the repair shop so it feels like new. 🙂  I was so excited last night and started writing up some blogs about my old website and realized uh oh I forgot to get some sleep.  So with 4 hours of sleep I got up and headed to the repair store.  By 3 pm I was home figuring out how to get the modem to work on the laptop,  So this entry won’t be as long as I really want it to be, but tomorrows will be amazing.

See I was so lucky to have friends and family that allowed me to use their laptops and desktops until this one got fixed.  Plus I have an Android phone that has been my lucky back up for when I wanted to get online when I was on the go.   Tomorrow I get to see my son via video chat so I am pretty pumped.  I didn’t get a chance to see him last weekend so this will be amazing!

Between my blogging and helping some friends out with office work I have been pretty busy this last few weeks.  It will soon be officially a month in a few days since my son went to visit his dad.  I am hoping they are having a good time.  I miss him dearly, but his father hasn’t seen him since May so this was an extended visitation.  See he gets visitation and I have custody of our son as per the divorce decree of February 2013.  He had tried to challenge it… but the Judge gave him a 4 month extended visitation and I would have him the rest of the time.  Than after the 4 months he comes home to me and then visits his dad during the Spring Break, Summer Vacation, and certain holidays.  It is only fair.  Trust me when he tried to challenge me this year for the custody it was a shock that the judge didn’t change his mind.

So tomorrow I will have a longer entry and I will now be able to get things moved over in the next few days.  I imagine it will take at least 2 weeks or so to get the old blog turned over to this one.  That should give plenty of time for everyone to get used to the change.


Have a wonderful evening!



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