I thought today’s entry would be a little lighter than yesterday. I wasn’t feeling very well, but somehow I came up with yesterday’s entry. I have dealt with a lot of anxiety issues lately. One thing I have wondered (even before I met my son’s father) was where do I belong? What was my identity. I wish I could say that I am rebuilding my identity. The thing is the summer I met my son’s father that same question was running through my head. All I ever wanted in my life was to find my niche and where I belong. So for the next few days I am going to begin telling a little of my story and why I am trying to start over this year. I might use some of my old blog entries during this time. Plus readers there is so much to me besides a ex-housewife turned writer.

On a sad note due to a lot of the stress I well I have forgotten a lot recently. When I started this blog I wanted to break my silence as a woman who wanted to write her pain away. “Refresh” has a new meaning in my life because I moved away from my ex-husband and I am starting over with my family. I have to rebuild some of my memories as well. I am hoping by December I can be writing as an inspiration to anyone who might not find their place in the world. Because that is my new goal. The find out what my identity as a young woman starting over from the top.