I fell a little behind this week with my writing.  I hope my readers will forgive me.  I spent over night thinking about a lot of things.  Part of me wasn’t sure of I could keep up with my blog.  It is not like I can’t it is just well I do want to someday write a book about my life.  I thought of my blog as my rough draft as it may.  Something I could do with my free time as I am going through my life and transition.  So if there are times when I am not writing or blogging.  I hope you will understand that I am doing my free writing.  I am planning on putting my old entries on here so everyone can read (or reread if it may).  I truly feel I have a gift to give the world.  I am just not sure whether it will be in the online world or the traditional world.  For me becoming Sara was a tough decision.  I had to take a risk and leave behind my life.  Not only in the traditional sense (when I got divorced), but also in my writing.  I wanted to become myself and not be the wife, daughter, or mother of ____.  I am not sure how this will go… but I hope I will be part of some sort of community that will feel refreshed to hear a different point of view in the world.