English: Alice In Wonderland
English: Alice In Wonderland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I thought I would do some posts about how I feel like my life is similar to the movie/story Alice in Wonderland.  I have felt like my life has decided to go backwards or a mixture of past and present.  It is humorous actually.  See my parents and I came to this country when I was very young.  So I pretty much grew up in America.  Its funny when I hear people tell stories about how their family came on the Mayflower or through Ellis Island.  I couldn’t really relate to that.  I have had people mispronounce my name in so many ways.  It started when I was in junior high all the way to when I became and adult.  As I got older I decided to go by nicknames because it got harder for people to say my name.  By the time I got my first full-time job it got easier.  It was the first time that I was identified by my name and proudly answered to it.  Its funny I worked for that company for almost 5 years.  It was the best job I had ever had.  It gave me the chance to be a person without worrying about my family ancestry.  Plus my mom loved coming by and hanging out with my co-workers.  My mom was so proud of me to get a job that I really liked and I stuck to it.  Yeah those were good days.  I finally had a point that I felt like I meant something to someone… even if that someone was customers and sales staff.  Yes I was a Customer Service Assistant at one of the biggest home electronic stores in the Northwest.


Now you might ask me…where does the backwards feeling start.  Well as I grew up my family (which was my parents and I then) started churches for the Ethiopian Community.  My father had come to America to continue his education.  My mother, who had been her before as a student, and I came along with him.  We basically started over without really starting in this new country.  My ex-husband occasionally would remind me that my family was rich and they could help us out.  I wondered where he got that idea from.  See while I was working I got my parents a new T.V. for Christmas to replace the old one we used to have growing up.  My father wasn’t so sure about me getting this big television.  I told him that I wanted them to have something nice.   The old one had been with us since I was a kid in the 80s.  I figured it was time for them to upgrade a little.  I think my dad was actually happy and just didn’t know how to show it.  Here his daughter buys them a television after all the years.  These days my dad thinks I am pretty high maintenance  I laugh and say who me… never.  I may not be able to read people’s body language well, but when it comes to customer service I could tell the consumers from the servers.  Now as I was saying my ex-husband thought we were wealthy people.  We lived in our own house and took care of each other.  What he didn’t realize was I didn’t have an easy childhood.  I had changed schools from 3rd grade until I graduated from high school.  I can brag that I have been in public, private, and home-school.  I was a scholarship student the private school years.  My parents worked hard to make sure my brother and I got an education.  Both my parents had regular jobs (to which they have retired from) while counseling and preaching to the Ethiopian community.  Sure I have shared them with kids and adults alike.  So now that I am an adult I kind would love to have an ordinary life.  Right now here is where the backwards starts…..


To be continued