Day 13 of NaBloPoMo: The Good, the Bad, and the uh oh I am in trouble.

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Before I begin today’s entry I want to welcome all the new readers out there.  Today I thought long and hard about what I was going to write about.  Sometimes I feel as if I am stepping on a stage and giving little lectures of how life really is like. So with that being said here is Day 12 of NaBloPoMo. (Note of you read my entry a few days ago this re: Sara in Wonderland  this would be considered part 2 in the series)


I have always been a wallflower.  I am incredibly shy and yet I tend to be the most talkative person you could meet (once I get to know you of course).  In my life there has always been good, bad, and oh no don’t tell my parents.  When I think about it someone might like to laugh because people will look at this and think what does she mean?  Well other kids out there who are preacher’s kid’s will understand what I am saying.


Sorry all I started this a little late so I will write another part tomorrow….until then stay tuned. 🙂






By Sara Gamachu

I am a person who enjoys writing. I started as a Stay At Home mom and wife trying to find something to do as I was raising my son. Now I am working hard trying to take care of myself.

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