Dream girl
Dream girl (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Dream a Little Dream

By Sara Gamachu

Friday, November 22, 2013

When I was married (and even when I was single,) I used to watch talk shows, reality shows, and anything that could keep my mind off my ordinary life.  One of my favorite was the Ellen Show, Oprah Winfrey show, and Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  I cried when the EMHE went off the air.  I loved watching the episodes when a lucky viewer (or member of the audience) was chosen to get a prize of some sort.  On the Ellen show, it was some lucky person who got a car or some coveted item that everyone applauded over.  While over on Oprah, it was an inspirational guest or some random recipient of Oprah’s Favorite item of the week.  Finally, on Extreme Makeover Home Edition Ty and his crew chose a family or community to have their entire home remodeled.  I used to cry along with all of America (and the world) as these people were receiving the chance of a lifetime.  I am not talking about 15 minutes of fame.  Every one of them was recognized for doing something that no one else could do.  Sure, they could have been nominated by someone, but that is not my point.  J  I used to think perhaps one day that could happen to me.  Sure, I thought of that in my mind while watching in my in-laws living room because we only had two of the local stations on our television at home.  Nevertheless, it gave me a reason to dream during those tough days.  Now I would be surprised if any of those people even looked at my blog.  Sure, I still dream about being that lucky person picked out of the audience.  Only now I can at least do it from an environment that says dreams can come true….if you just dream a little.  Chuckles maybe someday it might happen.  I am sure my son would watch and excitedly point out his mom from the crowd.  I could hear him saying, “Hey that’s my mom on TV!”  I would be crying because I never thought that could ever happen to me.  A single mom who just dreamed and wrote out her feelings.