Trust and Other Thoughts

By Sara Gamachu

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Trust is a gift you give to a person that you feel has earned it. I have trusted many people in my life. I will admit that I am a very naïve and trusting person. I used to be a very trusting person who saw the best in someone no matter what type of personal characteristics they had. I always saw the sunny side of life. Nobody could do any wrong. I mean why they should be uncaring to you. If you are nice to them, should they not be nice to you?

It is sad that after one unhappy relationship that I would lose trust in people. Many people have told me that I am not the same person I was before I met my son’s father. Like Pollyanna, I took a tumble off life’s pecking order and have to learn to see people in a new light. I have to be reminded that I am a kind person who would not hurt anyone…even if they hurt me back. I have to brush off that episode, get back on life’s trail, and just keep living. So now, I ask for support from my family and friends to help me when it comes to trusting anyone. As I learned back in my DV support classes, I have a relationship detector that is a little off.

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