Promises made promises broken.


I have felt the sad end of a promise. I remember my ex-husband promised me the sun and the moon while we were dating. It was as if was a scene out of It’s a Wonderful Life. In my mind, that sounded great and I held onto what my mind was assured a life of love and promise. For the present time that is one promise, that was made and sadly broken in time.

It has taken me a few months of to mourn this episode in my life. I have realized that I could not open my heart to anyone else without knowing their true intentions… I went looking for someone to complete me and sadly, that did not happen at all. Now I could not see anyone truly filling that space in my heart because I felt castoff and despised without really realizing it. Besides it was not just my heart I am protecting… my child’s heart is just as precious my own. I could never let someone in our life without knowing that he would love us unconditionally. And so, for the time being I am happy getting to know myself. I have been given the chance to mend my broken heart before offering it to another. As I tell anyone, who asks… the next applicant will have to go through a strict interview by various friends and close family members. Because I want to be promised by someone who genuinely cares for me.