By Sara Gamachu

March 23, 2014

My word for 2014 is HOPE. I even made an acronym for it. H is for Healing. O is for Optimism. P is for Powerful. Finally, E is for Emotions. On days when I miss my son the most I keep HOPE in my heart that we shall see each other again. I imagine him running into my arms and giving me the biggest bear hug this momma could get. He would not see the long distance of time it took for us to be reunited. He would have enjoyed this time he spent with his father and wanted to describe all the adventures to me as they happened. The old me was very optimistic. It was the one personality trait that was different between my ex-husband and I. The hardest part of our relationship was to stay open and kind hearted no matter what pitfall came my way. Emotions can be very powerful. They can keep you feeling down in the dumps or high in the sky. I try to wear some kind of red clothing or accessory to remind me that I am still a very powerful woman. That I can still do so much even though I am alone. I want to leave a story behind for my son to read in amazement and say, “Wow that was my mom a very inspiring woman.” That is why whenever I want to give up and run away from all that has been happening to me… I keep HOPE in my heart.