A few Songs that put a smile on my face


A few Songs that put a smile on my face

By Sara

Happy by Pharrell Williams

  • I first saw this song on Entertainment Tonight. Than as I watched the Oscars I saw him perform it. Now

    whenever I see the music video I can’t up but jump up and dance along.

Piece of Me by Katy Perry

  • I saw this performed on a music award show. I think it was the Grammy’s. I was amazed how she was able to perform such an amazing song. Soon afterwards, I looked up the music video on YouTube and soon I was hooked. In my mind, I was able to make some choices in my life and know I could never look back. Thank you Katy!

Roar by Katy Perry

  • Wow I heard this song a few times and thought it was awesome. Than when I saw the music video, I was like wow! She

    was able to go from a wispy woman to an independent woman in one whole video. Once again thank you Katy for helping this girl roar!

Independent Women by Destiny Child

  • This song is actually on several of my playlists. Whenever I feel down, I put it on and tell myself that I can do it! I also enjoy the music video for it. J

Survivor by Destiny Child

  • I have gone through so many different difficult trails in my life. Every time I wonder if I can make it, I usually put on my Destiny’s Child songs and just belt out the lyrics. I can do this! J

Fancy by Reba

  • More and more these days I can relate to this song. During the times, after I made my decision to change my life I kept this song in the back of my mind. When I wondered if I could make it through the post-divorce days, and when I would sometimes go to bed crying before I left my ex I would say could I do this. Is

    this really, what my life was meant to be? Can I be that woman who can turn her life around?

I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

  • For as long as I can remember, I loved this song. I used to play this so loud that sometimes my parents would look at me funny. After

    my divorce, I had someone tell me “Molly this should be your song. Live it and remember that you can do this. You

    have nothing to be afraid of.” So

    that is why it is on a lot of my playlist these days. It tells me that I am not a failure and that I can survive anything if I put my mind to it.

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