Here I am!!!


I raise my hand out into the sky. Yes I admit I had a few months where I didn’t write. Some of it was depression from my transition. Other times I felt who actually reads me. Than that was what sprung to begin writing again. I had to do something to keep my mind off of the transition I was going through. I also thought maybe someday I want my son to look back on this and see what his mom did while he was gone. Than it hit me like a brick. Why don’t I use this as a legacy. Not just to my son… but to everyone who wondered what happened to Molly. I have been going through some personal pain that I am not quite comfortable to write about yet. I had a friend tell me recently that I should start writing again. My parents have told me that I was a good writer and that I should start using this gift of writing. Although he isn’t old enough to read I want my son to know that no I never forgot him and that I write so he can see who his mother is. That is why, I Molly, have come back to Starting Over 2013, for my baby and all those others who have been reading. I want to also build a new readership. There

are days I will write about the Daily Prompts that the Daily Post people have suggested. That is where it began. Than I just started writing what was on my heart. Once things get going I will be able to do more… until than I am going back to the basics. I also want to give a shout out to fellow a fellow blogger who really inspired me to write this post. Esperanza! You go girl! I have been following you since I started on my old blog. I started this one to continue that one that yes I abandoned. As I write this I am actually getting a little misty eyed. I consider my readers as my support system right now. I know I have a few cheerleaders out there saying “Go Molly!” So with that I also wanted to wish everybody a Happy Easter! Talk about starting over… Spring is Here!!!

Sara aka Molly

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