Taking off the Mask Part 2

By Sara

The reason I have been wearing a mask being an enigmatic writer was because I was afraid about what people thought of me when I started speaking out about my former life as the Mrs. “A”. I took my son and made a secret plan to leave a very unhappy marriage. I was a woman who argued and stood up for her husband when others questioned the relationship. I put up a smile when people asked me how I was, I would answer “Fine.” I rarely argued with him… in fact I usually stood quietly by as he made most of the decisions. It was not because I did not want to be part of the decision making… no it was because I felt like what I said did not really matter. As a result, a few years I wore my mask and quietly kept going until the end when I finally made a decision a stood up for my son and myself.

The Summer of 2012

So began my term of living under a new name and alias. I was no more Molly “A”… I soon went under the assumed name of Sara. One of my closest friends helped me find a name that truly had a meaning to my new identity. I have gone by Sara Gamachu (which was a family name) and then I took my fraternal family name when I created a new identity for myself. So that was how I started this blog, Starting Over In 2013. I wanted to be able to finally express myself without fear or doubt. These days I felt that people should know the story behind Sara. Plus understand that it truly had a meaning. As my friend accounted to me, “Sara means princess. You should have been treated that way.”

The Present

So now, I am ready to take back myself and start a legacy for my son to look at someday. I wanted him to know that his mother, Molly/Mahlet was a woman that really started out as a girl who was afraid of what people thought of her. I have come to decide that if people truly wanted to get to know me or wanted to find me they should look for me here on my blog.

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