I wanted to cry.

I wanted to cry

Have you ever been one of those people who did not think something nice could happen to you? I just washed watched two episodes on MTV and I was so emotional. The first one was Pimp My Ride. The 19-year-old girl Mary was the kind of girl who has been going through some tough times. Her Pulsar (I am not sure how to pronounce it or remember its name) and she was from California. I do remember that in the end she really got a cool car. I was so happy for her. Then I saw the Super Sweet Sixteen party for Stephanie (I think that is her name) now here is a girl whose mom nominated her for a contest. As I listened to her story, I could see she was not one of those OMG kind of girls. She genuinely was like I cannot believe this could happen to me. The whole story was amazing and had me misty eyed all I could think of was that it was nice to see people do things for others less fortunate and who work hard to take care of themselves and their family. Kudos MTV for making a difference in other peoples lives! 🙂

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