People used to ask me how I was doing. Me being my unique and honest self would answer their question with, “Well I am doing pretty good today.” or “Gosh it’s been a hard day but I am trying my best.” The old me would blurt out a semi summary of how things were that day. These days I just answer with an “I am doing alright, thank you for asking.” It is general, sweet, and short. It has been hard to not reveal every detail imaginable that might come from my mind. I also have ADD (if you have not already noticed) so being very brief can be a hard task for me. I tend to be very impulsive and emotional at times. I can go several minutes on one subject and then jump to a very different topic all together. Then again, I can totally close down and not say anything at all which annoys the heck out of my mom. It is as if she knows there is something on my mind and then I will push it aside with an “Oh its nothing.” That is the worst part because minutes later I will finally burst with whatever was on my mind. Depending on what it was I can either be crying at the end… or just very upset at the very thought of it. I have a feeling that would annoy all of people.

A huge part of my healing is to stand up for say and myself how I feel. Let me tell you that can be very terrifying. In fact the very thought that I am very honest and blunt with my entries is very scary. I mean there are times I wonder if anyone ever really reads what I am writing. If they do read what do they think. Nevertheless, the intriguing thing is that it drives me to write more. Each time hoping that one day, I will see many likes in my mailbox or even dozen of comments. Am I an inspiring writer… or just someone that is just trying to be found in this huge blogosphere we call the internet. I guess I will just keep writing and see if I can hit some literary jackpot.

Before I sign off, I want all the people who I follow in our fantastic blogosphere we call WordPress to know that I enjoy every one of their posts. It makes my vacation time so much more fun when I read other peoples adventures. Esperanza you rock! LadyRomp/Joy thank you for inspiring me with the lyrics to songs! Sxfoxwriting you keep up the good work! There are so many others that I want to thank for making me laugh, cry, and just plain mentally high five with every post.

Have a wonderful weekend folks and keep reading!


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