Remember Me?

Remember Me

Remember me? I was the girl who was a wallflower standing shyly in the corner.

Remember me? I was the girl who stood on the counter and trying to silence crowd of customer.

Remember me? I was comfortable with several men on staff who I knew had my back even when the strangest customer tried to flirt with me.

Remember me? I was the girl who played pool even though she knew she was not that good. For once nobody cared they just cheered me on for just trying. (Hansel thanks for letting me try to win)

Remember me? I was the girl who sang with the school choir even though I was terrified that I may not be that good. (WSCS class you know who you are) To this day whenever I hear conjunction junction I tear up remembering running to the bathroom after I could not figure out a simple grammar rule.

What is the reason I am talking about these things… well that girl was me. I have always treated people the way I wanted to be treated. Yet somehow, along the way I have forgotten who I am. To all my friends, family, former classmates, and former coworkers I cannot help but be grateful for all of you. Without you, I would not remember half of these things.

Written after listening to Please Remember by Lean Rimes from the Coyote Ugly Soundtrack

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