Music, coffee, and me.

So I decided on a spur of a moment to check a memory stick for some backed up info for my laptop. Low and behold, I actually remembered some songs that I have absolutely had on my iCloud. The last few days I have been bopping my head to some tunes. It

made the beginning of May the rocking month. I am the kind of girl who will listen to The Pointer Sisters, Rhianna, Maroon 5, Simple Plan, and many others. I am sure my family is just glad that I am smiling and not in a sad mood.

If all goes well my parents and I will be heading out for a time of memories. I was telling my mom how much I have been craving a caramel macchiato. It turns out she knew of a place that she used to go that makes good coffee. Now I am a coffee coinsure so I have had Seattle’s Best Coffee, Tully’s, Starbucks, and everything in between. So I am prepared to be impressed. As well as serving cake in a cup. Need

I say more? This was just the distraction that I needed these days. I have not been feeling too good. So a little fresh air and good company is just what I needed. I can still hear so many people telling me to relax and not worry about anything… above all they wanted me to take care of me for a change. Trust me when I say that is a foreign thing to be told.

So now I am just going to finish this and listen to my 80s playlist and just doze off. Thank you all for reading and I will see you this coming week!

Tata for now,

Sara D.