Post Sunday Update

Post Sunday Update.

So it has been a couple days since my birthday post. I thought I would write about my tour of the capital and the days afterwards. The thing I seem to love about the month of May is that even though my official birthday is in the beginning my re-birthday (my monthly celebration of when I took back my life) is at the end of the month. So May’s are extra special because I get to celebrate another month off the biggest life decision of my life (and not going back but that is for another post). Since the one-year anniversary on Aug 28 of last year, I will add up to at least one year and nine months (21 months all together if my math is correct). So yeah in a way, I have a lot to celebrate.

So first up on our tour of the capital (which is almost a half an hour drive from our town) was a chance to see the old neighborhood. See that was the city I was born in (aka my hometown literally). We lived there until I was a 1.5 and then we went to America so my dad could go to college in Seattle. So this holiday vacation is my first time back in 30 some years. My dad drove my mom and I around the city. We saw the building of the hospital where I was born (at that time it was called Black Lion Hospital which is now has a new name), than we drove to see if the coffee house my mom was telling me about was open. Sadly, it was closed on a Sunday. So we planned to go another time. By the time, they had shown me where our house and neighborhood used to be it was around noon. Here

is the fun part… we have to have hamburgers for lunch. My mom was mentioning a place she had gone to get a quick meal before she had me (35 years ago). Turns out the place were still open and they still served hamburgers. So we ordered 3 cheeseburgers with fries (they call them chips here), 2 glasses of juice (it was a combination of Pineapple, Mango, Papaya, a hint of Strawberry, and Avocado mixed together) it was supposed to be just Pineapple but she mixed it up for us, and my mom had a macchiato. Let me tell you the cheeseburger was amazing! I was speechless while I ate it. The fries were wonderful too! I have learned that if the waitress might have been busy cause the drinks came first I ordered a Pineapple and my dad wanted Avocado. It was quite an experience. After we finished our lunch, we ordered some fries to go for later. After lunch, we found a bakery that we could get a cake for later on. They also serve ice cream so we got 3 cups of ice cream to have as we traveled home. It was a fun day. Just the distraction that I needed.

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