My Friends: The Early Years

My Friends: The Early Years

I described it the “Seahurst” years for a reason. Is because we would enjoy ourselves at the local park that our elementary school was named after. I remember a few years ago when we all virtually reunited via Facebook when one of my classmates posted a class picture from the 80s. My best friend can remember more about those 4 years and has been a great reminder for me.

I can picture all of us just playing on the lower playground during our recess break. Climbing the slide and coming down the other side. While we would watch the older students play on the coveted upper playground. In the field there was a tree stump that some of the kids used as a balance beam. Let us see who can stay on the longest.

During the mornings, we would be learning our A, B, C, and 1, 2, 3’s. Art projects that included us creating pictures of our families. The best parts of our days were when our teacher would pick us for the VIP award. We would have so much fun looking at the student’s pictures from home and hear stories about their lives. If we were good, we would get an award that would send us to the principal’s office get a reward.

Of course, I had friends outside of school. I can remember going to their houses on the weekends or when my parents needed a break. There were some memorable times when I spent time after VBS or Sunday school hanging out at my friends’ family farm.

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