My Friends – My Cheerleaders and Support System

I want to finish this series as strong as I started it. This final section of friends is in my opinion the most important. In the days, after I left my son’s father I felt like there was no one there for me and what did I have left. I was too scared to take those steps towards freedom. What I did not realize was that in the background I had so many people praying for me to make the right decision and come back to the life that I had left behind.

These people were my cheerleaders who reminded me that yes I did have a choice. I did have a life before my marriage. One of the things I lacked in my marriage was a good emotional support system. I lacked a group of people to tell me “Yes you can!” The interesting thing was those months before he popped the question I had looked up my best friend from elementary school. We had been apart for ten plus years and yet in an instant she was one of many people that lead me home. She had seen me at my worst point of the relationship. She and several others reminded me that I was not a woman who lacked a backbone.

I had a friend of my family who was there to show me that there was more to life than just being “the woman.” She put a mirror in front of me and constantly asked me, “Is this what you want for your life?” She has been a huge part of my healing. Whenever I wanted to cry and give up… she was the person who would let me vent and then gave me the advice I needed to keep fighting to get my life back.

My family has also been a huge help to me. They have not let me give in to my depression. My mom never gave up on me when I could not even see myself. It was her words of advice, “Molly you need to decide to choose life or the path you are on.” She led the prayer warriors that helped me make that decision during the weeks that changed my life. I had a girlfriend from college that was like an older sister to me that lead the charge when I finally planned my escape. She and her home church prayed for me as I made the plans that would change the whole game plan. To this day, her closest friend has been a huge part of my healing. I get a note from her time to time checking on me to give me that pick me up that I need every once and a while.

It was after I left that I truly found people who stood by me when I needed the biggest support. The women at FSCWJC became my second family when I needed the cheer-leading section those days after I left. It took me a few months to find them… but they have been a huge emotional support system. They stood by me when I had nobody during my divorce hearing. See my son’s father pretty much made me feel like I had nobody to turn to when I was in a town so far away from home. The staff at the CIC became my lifeline when I needed to find my way out of an awful place. I remember the night that I arrived there. I was shaking like a leaf. All I had was a week’s worth of clothes for my son and I. It was there that I learned the Serenity Prayer and how much it meant to me. I knew for my son’s sake I had to be strong and turn my back on a life that was not for me.

Now a year has come and gone since my journey home began. As I look around these days, I am reminded of who I was before any of this madness began. I look at myself and have to constantly remind myself “Yes you can!” I am proud to say that my support system has grown over the past year. I have people praying for my healing around the world. I have even met some people who see me, as I once was… an intelligent and beautiful woman with spunk. I have so many women who have become added to my extended family of sisters.

So with that I want to thank you all for reading my little series on friendship. Trust me when I say there are so many people that can care for you. You just have to look closely to see them.

Peace, Love, Happiness, and Joy!