My Friends – The MAV Years

We now come to my young adult years. I had just finished technical college and decided to begin the working force to earn money to go continue my education. Of all the jobs I have had the one I have enjoyed the most was at Magnolia Audio Video. For almost five years, I was part of a fun, professional, and exciting customer service family. It was never a dull moment as I worked with some of the greatest sales staff in Seattle. Since this was my first Full Time, I wanted to do my best. I learned the basics of point of sales, how to write up a repair report, and how to put the invoice paper for the various receipts that came through each register. We were a store divided into two sections the home audio (that included various televisions, receivers, speaker, and basic radios that would blow a person’s mind) and the car audio section (that included car stereos, speakers, GPS systems, and of course toys that would make your car bounce). I worked six days a week as a Customer Service Assistant. This job had me greeting customers, making sure items (big and small) went home with the right customer, and I was making sure they had all the basic office supplies to get the job done.

The busiest part of our year was the holiday season. The store would be hopping from Black Friday until the last week before Christmas. We would have sales galore. I worked with some of the top salespeople in the company. Each day was filled with making sure the staff looked good and that the customer was happy. The thrill of watching the staff beat their sales goals was amazing. By the time I was done, I knew the difference between gear from Samsung, Toshiba, Denon, and everything in between. When I first started, I had no idea what a turntable was… I actually knew it as a record player. I soon learned that speakers could be used on a shelf or even installed in a car. I never really made a sale. I just loved being part of the support staff. One

thing I learned fast was how to ask for help when it came to finding gear for their owners. I shocked many people when I would be carrying out media systems that probably twice my weight. Some things I was proud of was answering phones quickly and directing calls to and from various locations.

The best memories I have had working at this job was the family environment. Even

though I was like the younger sister that pulled her own weight, I had so many people looking out for me. I was able to be myself and ask questions without any fear. Most of all was that I was someone’s “Girl Friday”/right hand woman. I mean how cool is that. I also remember one of my co-workers telling me that I looked like a young Halle Berry. Wow talk about a compliment! The impressive thing was that I went from being a store level entry position to ending my career as a Customer Service Representative in the Service/Repair department at the headquarters. Talk about

a promotion. Ever since this industrious career, I have learned to give people a chance… especially during the holidays.