My Friends – The Military Wife Years

I want to say this was one of the hardest parts of my life. I was a young woman on the edge of my 30s and was not sure where my life was going. I met the young man who would soon change my life forever during the summer of ’08. He showed me the behind the scenes world of military life. It was interesting because it felt like I saw my social life come full circle. I met different women who gave me peek into the stages of being military spouse.

I have met people who feel into these separate groups:

v Socialites: They knew about events and enjoyed preparing for when their SO was coming home.

v Arts and Crafts: I loved this group because they got together and spent time making things to send to their loved ones.

v Seasoned SO’s: They were able to taught us the do’s and don’ts and helped us find activities that help us get to know the behind the scenes of being a military SO.

I did not really fit into any of these groups. I had friends who helped me find my place as a military wife. The best part is we had a great support system and someone to talk to when our loved ones were active. One thing I know for sure… I was proud of my husband and was willing to make our home life as comfortable as possible.