I was so happy today to check my inbox to find some new comments to my last entry. I almost got teary eyed at the response. I felt like Sally Field at the Oscars, “They like me, they really like me!” So thank you Chrisso for the comment! It meant a lot to me. It was a few weeks before I wrote 5.18.14 that I finally updated my occupation on my Facebook About section. I was a little emotional about taking off the Stay At Home Mom and Blog Writer. I wanted to finally admit to myself that yes things had changed since last fall. I think that is why I wrote my last entry the way I did. It was my way of finally admitting to everyone/anyone that the reason I did not talk about my son. As you, all know he is my life. He is the sweetest little boy you could ever meet. Although he is, shy… but like me once, he gets used to you he will run up and give you a hug whenever he sees you. I am sure his father is going to have an experience teaching him the stranger danger lesson. Like several people remind me that I gave him the best 3 years of his life. Now I just have to wait on God for the next chance I get to experience being his mother. In the near future, I am going to label my career/occupation as Devoted Mother, Aspiring Writer, and Motivational/Inspirational Speaker. The last part is a work in progress of course. Now my days are filled with reading, writing, and catching up on movies (when I can find them on television). I have started taking pictures on my phone and saving them on my laptop. I hope to someday begin sharing them here on my blog. It would be nice to show how much I have changed over the past year. I want to also be more motivational and inspiring to other people who might be going through what I have experienced. You cannot walk with your head down any more. You need to rise up proudly, look people in the eye, and say I am a human being. I love the song “Extraordinary” by Liz Phair. I play it all the time especially when I need a pick me up.

So until next time… be strong and smile, smile, and breathe in the fresh air!

Joy, Peace, Love, and Hope to you all!


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