Best Day Ever.

I had a really good visit with my son today. I gave him a mini tour of the compound. It was exciting to see his eyes light up when he saw the car that his Pa drove. It was amazing when he said, “Jeep”. It was as clear as a bell. He showed me his car and drove around the room making driving sounds. Than out of the blue the charge on my laptop turned off. Thank God we had power in the house. So the minute I got him back online I said, “Oops it was mommy’s fault” and his response was priceless… “I know mom!” I laughed along and said nodded my head. He was growing up and talking like a regular preschooler. So with the little time we had together we laughed as if we were never apart. I was so glad that I had been getting My Preschooler newsletter from Baby Center. It gave me a peek into what was going on in my son’s life. I was so glad to see him hitting several milestones at once. Momma’s proud of you sweetie! #Motherhood, #Jeep, #Preschooler

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