Rainy days and some memories linked to the weather.

So on June 27th I wrote about the rainy days in Ethiopia. I have seen a few different types of rain in my life. There is the NW rain which everyone identifies Seattle with (yes it rains, but that is why our state is so evergreen). There is the rain in the Southern region that is can go from warm to cold depending on the season. When I discovered this I was amazed cause I was used to the cold rain that occasionally brings out the sun when the weather feels like a break. I am pretty sure my former in-laws thought I was strange because I enjoyed staying out in the sun. What can I say in the NW we run to the beach when the sun comes out… perhaps we don’t think it might come out for another few weeks to months. Now I can add to my weather resume Eastern African rain. Now here is something entirely different. It rains and than it pours. I thought it sounded like bullets on the rooftop. There was a day a few weeks ago that my family and I were out in town for our occasional drive. The guys went to some of the stores while my mom and I enjoyed our joy ride. Than out of the blue it started raining. We watched at shopkeepers were bringing things in out of the rain. That is something I have never really seen before. Everybody was scurrying around for cover like little ants. We were lucky that we were inside the car watching all of this happen. The aftermath of the rain is mud and lots of it. I have heard kids squealing in the neighborhood after a rainy day. I make sure I have my walking shoes on and than go out to survey the product of the storm. The annoying part of it is that the network and power goes down sometimes after these storms. So that means no power, no TV, and in some cases no phone or internet. Some say its a blessing in disguise. I try to laugh that off since it just means one less trip into town to check email. One plus to all of the rain… our crops are growing. Yeah remember those corn I was writing about in the spring. Yep, we have been enjoying the first vegetables. Its amazing what rain can do. Well that is all for today. Stay tuned for more posts from me… Sara D.

Peace, Love, and Happiness

One thought on “Rainy days and some memories linked to the weather.”

  1. The piece about the rain is interesting. It seems rainfall is different everywhere. We are lucky in Seattle that there isn’ t the threat of flooding like many locations in the East and South U.S. Rain is good – the air smells clean.

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