Thought of the week.

So I read a few different verses about waiting on God for answers. It’s interesting because I am in the stage of my healing where I need to stop and think about others needs.
When my parents first suggested taking this trip to my homeland I was a bit leery of the idea. How would I live without the few things I had grown used to. Would I be able to understand people and vice versa. What if I was craving a particular food. My parents explained that I would find food that is similar or even better since it was more natural.
So 10 months later I am still getting used to the new culture. I have slowly getting my courage to speak up. I say slowly because I still stutter and am nervous about sharing my opinion. I guess that is why I mostly write on my blog. It guess I feel I can say more through an alias better. I keep having this hope of inspiring other people through my writing. Perhaps this is a beginning of that.
Sent from my heart.

The continuation of a Mother’s Journey Through Life.

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