Just a quick greeting from my laptop. As readers have noticed that I am being a little more outgoing and using my nickname along with my writing name. Yes and if you happen to go by my Facebook account (hit follow I would love for people to follow me on this adventure called life) under Sara Daricha. If you get a chance to follow me on Twitter I am under @SaraGamachew98 and there you see me under Molly S. So I guess you could say that I am getting comfortable in my own skin. Isn’t that a wonderful feeling readers? I have had several counselors in the past couple years and the one common thing they say is do something you like. So that is where a lot of my writing is coming from. It is like deep down I want to change the world one post at a time.

I have also really enjoyed tweeting. I think it is a wonderful tool to use to get used to not only stay in touch with readers, other bloggers, and just about everyone in between. I am especially excited this weekend I get to see my son. Thank you to Google for providing a tool to allow this to happen. We just celebrated New Year and have another holiday rolling in this coming week. So I am getting a huge dose of culture somewhere in Africa (as I like to call it). So with that I am going to bid you all adieu. Thank you to all my loyal readers. To all my new readers I welcome you to Starting Over in 2013 a continuation of A Mother’s Journey in Life. Feel free to go back and forth and read all my posts in both blogs. I appreciate you all and thank you once again for joining me on this wacky ride we call life!