Spring/Fall update.

Dear Readers:

Well we are slowly closing 2014. In a few days we will begin November the biggest retail sales of the year.

I am happy to say Spring has returned to Holeta. Sunny days outnumber the cloudy days. It is nice to sit outside and bask in the sunlight. With my musical playlist in hand I am soaking in the rays. This also means taking walks to town and sipping soda at a cafe. It is just like at home.

Do I miss the States? Honestly I do. I try to keep track of the holidays so I can imagine what everyone is doing. Thanks to CNN I can see what is going on stateside. My heart went out to people around the world dealing with death, poor health, and new life. A bonus is having MTV and all the music videos a girl can handle. Between Pharell Williams and Katy Perry I can dance and sing along with the videos.

The best part is learning from one of my greatest teachers…my mother. We watch movies and talk about books we have read. She encourages me to write a lot of my posts. I finally have something to be proud of. Pretty soon this butterfly is going to soar. Right now I am working with my training wings.

So with that I bid you all adieu from Sunny Africa.

Keep dreaming!


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