What is on my mind?

What is on my mind?

Before I went on my trip last year I was an avid social media person. I had my blog on here (word press), my Facebook account, a Path account, and a few a couple others from the same area. My parents would say that I was constantly posting on Facebook various times about my life and how it was turning out. I loved Pininterest because I was able to dive into my creative side and make tables of ideas I would love to do in the future. I discovered Instagram and thought it was the coolest thing ever. With my old Android phone I was able to really dive into all of my interests and various times of the day. What I didn’t realize was that people would contact my parents and say “Did you know Molly posted…” I find that people still do that. It bothered me a lot because I would say why they don’t contact me directly about these things… don’t bother my parents about my personal life. Trust me they don’t need to hear about me spouting what is on my mind. That would be the old Molly finally coming out again.

What people don’t realize is that I don’t talk a lot any more. I completely shut down when it comes to communicating. If someone asks me how I am “I am fine.” Is my usual answer. Because of my is situation I don’t like to share too much because I don’t know whose side they might be on… mine or “Mr. S”. Sadly even before I was in my relationship information goes around the community faster than anything I would know. For example (and don’t deny you didn’t know this cause I found this story out and it steamed me) when “Mr. S” and I were dating he posted some pictures of him and I at a park. Sounds innocent enough right? Well somehow, someone in the community saw my old MySpace account and saw said pictures. Oh my gosh did it cause the tongues to wag. My mother finally had to discuss it with me about them. For the record I was sitting on a park bench in one of them. Oh

my gosh stop the presses! Now

these days after my divorce (which I still don’t want to talk about how it happened). People are still talking. Sure I post on Facebook pictures of me and that I am doing alright. I rarely post pictures of my son because I am still sensitive about that situation. I mean you would be too if you had to deal with a lot of emotional events happening repeatedly. I have had people ask me so many times “No really what is going on in your mind” or “How are you coping”. Well folks this entry is me coming out slowly from the emotional closet. As Sara I can freely tell people and readers what is exactly on my mind. If you don’t like it… well there is the unsubscribe/unfriend button on the corner of your screen. Sure it would hurt to see a lot of so called friends go… but then again I don’t post to stir up gossip. My parents don’t need to hear that I am talking too much. In fact they should be shouting “Hallelujah” that I am even talking at all!

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