It’s Not Fair 5.16.97

It’s not fair to treat people cruelly just because they are different. Those who are cruel to others should be careful, let them be warned they will have it coming to them. Their poison will eventually kill them instead of their victims. Their bullets will eventually kill them instead of their preys. One day someone will call them cruel names and they will not have anyone to run to. Beware the ones who not being fair for they will be punished for their cruelty severely worse than their venom. Hatred for hatred and words for words. Beware those who do this for it shall be worse than your own words. They will match you word for word, poison for poison, cruelty for cruelty, and meanness for meanness. One day you will wish you never used your poison, but will it come quickly before your gun shoots again? That is your decision my friend for your weapons shall and will be used against you on your judgment day. So be warned right now, for your days shall come when your own poison shall kill you! One by one, your victims arise, and one by one, your tormentors will arise. Who will be your friend during these days? I don’t know but ask for forgiveness before your trial day!



S.  @SaraGamachew98]