Should I?

Should I keep those extra copies of posts that took a little longer to post via email or should I just leave it alone. I decided to leave them for now alone. I can use one with pictures and one without in the future. In addition, I can add more to one copy while leave the other copy just as is. That takes care of one round of should I’s.

Should I keep my username as saragamachu or change it to Sara Gamachew98 like my Twitter handle. I think change to my Twitter handle so others can find it easier. I wanted to call myself Sara Daricha using my grandfather’s name as my last name… but I realized that would just expose my family a bit too much that is why I changed it to Gamachew my grandmother’s name. She is one of my inspirational heroes in my life. She raised five kids all by herself out of a difficult relationship with my grandfather. I tell myself a lot if she could make it than by golly I can too. Someday my son and I will be reunited… and not just for visitation.

The one thing I love the most about blogging. I am able to write more and take my time expressing myself. I have put a lot of thought about writing a book someday. I am just not ready to do that just yet. I feel more comfortable to just write here on my blog until something better can come along and then I can write something much longer. I have even posted some of my old journal entries that I wrote when I was in my senior year of high school (good ole class of ’98).