Random Scenes/Thoughts

  • I had just drunk a cup of coffee and was waiting for my dad and friend to come out of a meeting nearby. In my mind, I thought this must be what it would be like to drink at an Italian café. Later on, I asked my friend if that was what I would be doing when I had a macchiato at a café in Addis. She said, “Yes probably.” I thought wow how exciting.

  • My morning normally begins with something to eat and a cup of tea. That morning I had a cup of coffee with my morning breakfast. I thought this would be a picture perfect moment. So

    I grabbed my phone to photograph myself in a normal morning ritual.

  • I have begun watching God TV lately and realized how hungry I was for the word of God. Each

    show I watch had some sort of inspiring story that feels my heart with joy and emotions. One

    of my favorites is Cleo Dollar. I am sure I am misspelling his name. Every once and a while they show music videos from today’s favorite artists. Right now, I enjoy Mandisa. She has a special message to each of her songs.

  • Since I rededicated my life to God a couple years back, I am learning new things about how to live my life. Making the choice to take care of myself was the first decision. Living in an environment that is foreign to me was my next decision. It is kind of, like when a person enters rehab. At first, it is very tough. Then

    there are days when it can be easier than others are. I am at the stage the progress report stage. This is when we figure out how much I have improved and what I need to do to enter the next stage.