I was organizing my thoughts and out came a milestone.


Creative Writing, ; Organization

You know you are bored when you begin organizing things in you offline in box folders. Yes today I decided to move all of my old blog entries (that are usually sent to me after I publish them) and entries from blogs I followed pre-trip. I can tell you without a doubt that is many emails. I am lucky that most of them are downloaded and are able to be moved to their new homes. I also made a folder for all my popular posts from Twitter. Yesterday I decided to use them to post up on my blog. It

is also a base for inspiration.

Two weekends ago, I was talking to my mom about my writing skills. She has been a huge fan when it comes to my writing. Whenever

I think of posting something she gives me a thumbs up or hold off on it feedback. I guess you can say it is kind of like having an editor for my posts. I know I have a good idea when she smiles and says “Wow!” That

usually means I have a winner. Writing

has always been my way of expressing me. So back to our talk…she challenged me to begin writing my memoir/story. She gave me several ideas that I can write about. She

even thought that it could be made into a series of books. So after we discussed this I thought about it and then tried to write. Talk about writer’s block. I kept trying to make some sort of cool title and then realized, that maybe I should go through my old emails to see if there is something that can inspire me. So that is exactly how the organization came to be. Now most people know that I am not the most organized person you would meet. Okay I am a slob… but when I put my mind to it, I can totally make even the craziest of messes look organized. I remember in elementary school when we had to put all our work and homework into peachy folders so we can show our parents what we have learned. I was the student that the teacher would keep in from recess just to organize her folders. Yes, I tried so hard to be organized… but my young ADD brain was just a tad messy. To this day, I have had this difficulty. My place would be organized for a week max and then it would be back to organized chaos. So I have took a few days off to try to relax and let my mind just brainstorm memories. It was around that time that I realized that my recent post about Random Thoughts was my 200th post. I was so happy that I was able to accomplish such a feat. It made my dream about writing a reality. So between my mom’s pep talk and just some brainstorming I came to this conclusion. I should be able to do both. Give some time to writing my blog that will feature how I am working on starting my life over. I mean who doesn’t want to start their life over. At the same time, I can write about my life during my other times and who knows maybe I can share some of that on here on my blog. Now as I said the organizing part can be a lot tougher. Which

is why I am using Julie Powell as my inspiration? If she could do it than so can I!