I took a few days off from writing so I can remove the writer’s block in my head. I needed some time to not stress too much about what to write. I checked the subscription box so I could get some weekly digests from my fellow bloggers that I follow. I had taken a few months off so I could save my inbox from lots of mail. It was a suggestion that I took for a while. Than a few weeks ago, I changed the theme on Starting Over in 2013. I wanted something that could pop and look attractive to my readers for 2015. I chose Sobe because it looked bright and happy. It looked like me or the me that I wanted to return to. Consequently, I began rereading the blogs I had in my organized file. It made me smile, laugh, and almost cry. These bloggers wrote about things that I could only think of. Then I began to remember my old journals that I wrote when I was in high school. Those were good years when I wanted to make something of myself. I remembered being part of the school newspaper that was at my alternative high school. That was how I spent my senior year. I had already posted some on here on my blog. Than my mind kept going back to them and I realized I should share more about myself through my old writings. I had already read other bloggers as they posted some of their own journal entries. In addition, some of these entries can explain how much I had changed in the past decade or so. So beginning tomorrow, I am doing to do a lot of free writing and post more of my journal entries. It is time that I showed my true colors and hopefully inspire other people.

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