Where is that lost child once called Mahleta? She peeks out behind the windows of my soul. I am that child in a woman’s body. I fear the world won’t accept me for who I am. The lovable, kindhearted child that peeks out to say hi. Sometimes I wonder if I should conform into what they want. Quiet, mature, not afraid of the beyond? That is not me. The few times I am quiet it is because something is on my mind. As far as mature goes I haven’t fell in that category in a long time. I have accepted my family and background. I am from a long line of hard workers. Someday I want to give back to everyone that has given me a chance. Yeah someday, things will be different. Each day has a surprise. I wonder what God has in store for me in September. I can’t wait to see. Just a child in a woman’s body.


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