The safest place that I can remember is being in my room in whatever house I might have been living at the time. My room is a shelter when I have bumpy days. I curl up in my blanket on my bed and feel the warmth of my happy place. With my favorite music on, I can turn it into my personal studio where I can sing and dance. I can picture myself as an author in her office writing an outstanding story for her book. I can read a book and travel to a place and time. Yes, my room has been my safe haven when I needed to clear my head and just find myself.

If I can go back in time to anytime in my life, it would be as a child playing on the shores of Seahurst beach. I remember covering my legs in the sand and just looking out to the water. There used to be a small pool of water that went out into Puget Sound. For me it was just right to wade or play in. There was an island that had a hill near the parking lot that all of us kids would climb up and just look around the beach. There was a fish route that we went to see on a field trip. Yes, I had some fun childhood memories at Seahurst Park. I went there a couple years ago with my dad and son. As

I watched my son run down that same hill towards the little pool, I remembered all the times I used to squeal and play. I looked out at the beach and felt the sand for the first time in years. It was if time went backwards. I was in a happy place with the sun on my face and sand at my feet.

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