First week of March.

Reading posts, giving a shout-outs, and a starting a Bible challenge.

It took me two days to read and skim through all the new daily/weekly digests from the past two weeks. I tell you it was worth it. Than a few times the power went off (hence why it took a little longer) so thanks to my charger I was able to get through some of my favorite bloggers. I really liked reading the Daily Post Prompts. A couple of them really caught my eye. There was the one Five Posts to Write Now that I am going to use this week with some of my posts. (BTW, that was my first link that I have ever done which is so awesome!) I really want to be able to shout out to one of my favorite bloggers that is merbear74. Wow, you really have inspired me with the last few weeks. When I am reading your posts, I can actually understand what you are going through. I think in a way I am experiencing some of it right now during my healing process. Your post about the holidays Nutella On The Knee reminded me of the first Christmas I had with my son. In addition, this week I tweeted my first shout out on Twitter. I am just so thankful for everybody that reads my blog, tweets, and posts via Facebook. When I am far away from home, it is nice to have audiences around the globe. I am so lucky for all of my readers who leave comments for me. I have had people compliment me for my writing skills. I just feel like I have found a way to express all the bottled up feelings that I have had for the past couple years. For a long time, I lived wondering what I had to share with others. I am hoping the month of March will be a stepping-stone for me. To close, I started a new devotion this week The Esther Challenge on YouVersion (my favorite Bible app). Esther is one of my favorite books in the Bible and I really look up to her. Here is a woman who is chosen by one of the most powerful kings of her time to be his wife. I mean it is like the beauty pageant of her time and then some. I am sure once she had to deal with the politics of her title. I feel she is an inspiration for everyone (men and women). We all deal with having to go against the grain of society. So with that I am ending this week’s post. Thank you once again for reading and I will see you next time.



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